Safe Delivery Confirmation Without Signing

Under the proposal, a patented service called Postal Notice would work in tandem with the USPS’ Informed Delivery system to tell recipients the moment mail has arrived in their mailbox. The automated notification service would enable recipients to know when critical mail arrives such as Social Security checks, mail-in ballots and other legal documents. It also could provide public service messages, reminders to vote, weather alerts and other time critical data.

The integration of Postal Notice with the existing Informed Delivery system offers postal customers a complete end-to- end service. Informed Delivery requires each letter to be scanned prior to loading and sorting into mail delivery routes, then sends an email with a black and white image of the day’s mail to subscribers. Postal Notice tells the customer, by an automated text, when the mail has been actually delivered.

“Each of these automated notices could potentially generate enormous revenue for the Postal Service, and be a boon for bulk mailing organizations. Pleasant believes, “Without continued service by the USPS, bulk mailers would have no delivery service, and would cease to exist as they are currently operating.” For example, the system could increase the impact of bulk mail by sending a text message that corresponds with the letter. If a letter from a local auto dealer is scheduled for delivery that day, the Informed Delivery email/text could contain sponsored special offers from the same dealer. Then when the recipient’s letter is delivered, the Postal Notice text could contain greeting from a local business, such as “Your mail has arrived, happy day from Peoria Florist,” or “Your mail has arrived, don’t forget to vote next week.”