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More Efficient Marketing Mail

A new service called Postal Notice brings so-called “snail mail” into the digital
age, adding greater levels of effectiveness to bulk mailers as well as improved safety and
reliability to mail recipients everywhere, essentially giving mailers and recipients
security levels near equal to signature confrmation.

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Assisting the Elderly

“Some of the routine tasks faced by the elderly and others can be complex,” Pleasant said. “Trips to and from the mailbox can be difficult for some, impossible for others, particularly if the box is located at the roadside or in a cluster around the block. While some rely on friends or neighbors for help, others take what can be an arduous journey to complete a simple task. Imagine the frustration of needless trips, especially in inclement weather.”

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How Postal Notice compares to USPS Digital Strategies

Postal Notice is a patented service that immediately notifies recipients of the delivery of USPS delivered letters, fully augmenting and supporting the recently implemented USPS Informed Delivery program. Moreover, because the equipment necessary for the service is...

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How It Works

The invention is described as a business method via GPS assisted software, without the need for a tracking number or barcode. A mobile data cellular network is required, as well as the generation of a virtual GPS fence on a digital map. These components already are in...

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Proposed Notification System

This enterprise system will be a real-time, single source for all mail and mail aggregate information, leveraging data to provide business intelligence for USPS functional groups and the mailing industry, including end-to-end tracking of mail. In its descriptive material and literature, Informed Visibility utilizes terms such as “logical delivery events (LDE)”, “barcode scans”, and “predictive” when describing last mile delivery, the actual time of the delivery of mail from personal carriers placed inside a mailbox receptacle.

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