Notify Marketing Mail Customers Upon Arrival

Marketing Mail

The “You’ve Got Mail” alerts so familiar to electronic mail users on PCs, tablets, and cell phones may soon be an everyday event when deliveries from the U.S. Postal Service arrive in your mailbox.

A new service called Postal Notice brings so-called “snail mail” into the digital age, adding greater levels of effectiveness to marketing mailers, essentially giving mailers security levels near equal to signature confirmation.

Postal Notice is a patented service designed to work in conjunction with USPS’ Informed Delivery and Informed Visibility technologies. While those USPS technologies alert its customers that a letter or package is on the way, Postal Notice takes it a step further by notifying recipients the exact moment delivery to their mailbox takes place.

The efficiency of Postal Notice allows marketing mailers and their clients to have a new channel of communication between mailer and recipient, enabling an electronic GPS “exact moment” delivered notification to be sent to recipients leveraging the impact of special offers or
time-sensitive advertising. Knowing when letters, advertisement and other offers from direct mailers takes place enable adjustment to schedules to accommodate potential increases in orders or services. It also provides the potential for additional timely communications between mailer and recipient.

Postal Notice will be available on a pennies-per-day subscription basis to all USPS customers where ever Informed Delivery and Informed Visibility is in place.