Here is how Postal Notice Works:


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Your Mailing info is sent to the web server

Get Notified Daily When Your Mail Arrives!


Wow! I can be notified every day when my snail mail is delivered!

Your Mailing info is sent to the web server

Info Registered on Server

Opt-In E-mails are accepted into our Notification Database

Your Mailing info is sent to the web server

GPS Mapping Technology

Postal Notice uses a Digital-Map with a Virtual GPS Barrier to identify your house or apartment.

Your Mailing info is sent to the web server

Handheld GPS Devices

Postal Carriers, already equipped with Handheld GPS devices, will automatically be able to alert me when they enter my Address’ GPS coordinates.

Your Mailing is Delivered

Postal Employees Trigger GPS

Mail Carrier Passes a Virtual Barrier and an Instant Notification is Sent.

Your Mailing info is sent to the web server

You Are Notified!

Once the postal carrier passes the GPS barrier an Instant Notification is sent to you and can be viewed by you in a number of ways.

Postal Notice

A Secure Social Mailbox Delivery Alert Notification Method Requiring No Hardware

How it Works

The invention is described as a utility patent via GPS assisted software, without the need for a tracking number or barcode. A mobile data cellular network is required, as well as the generation of a virtual GPS fence on a digital map. These components already are in place on all mail delivery locations. When the mail carrier passes the virtual fence of a user who has subscribed to the service, an instant notification is sent that mail has been delivered.  Pleasant notes, “I recently had a conversation with a patent attorney with the Postal Office Headquarters and he indicated that the U.S. Postal Office has already considered moving in this direction.”

Pleasant acknowledges that there are still steps to be taken. He says, “An agreement needs to be in place with the Postal Service before the notification service could be offered. Postal carriers already carry GPS devices connected to cellular networks that utilize the GeoFence feature for their own internal map routing. My invention wouldn’t require any extra work on their part whatsoever.”

He concludes, “It is my goal for this simple invention to be both useful and profitable for all concerned. It is also my plan to share revenues with the United States Postal Service and the Department of Defense. There are currently 156 million mailboxes in the United States, each with somebody waiting for the mail to be delivered.”