An Arizona entrepreneur and inventor has developed US Patent 9,609,973 without any additional equipment cost to notify recipients of regular mail delivered by the United States Postal Service. The patent provides notification of delivery to residential & business mailboxes. The solution involves auto ­generated notifications triggered by the delivery of mail by a carrier who already carries a handheld device which utilizes the U.S. Global Positioning System (GPS).

Anthem Pleasant of Peoria, Arizona invented the patent in response to what he perceived as a need for an efficient and instantaneous way to signal that a mail delivery had been made. Anthem states, “My utility patent­ utilizes GPS tracking technology in a mail carrier’s handheld device which requires no additional effort on the part of the postal carrier. Residents and businesses each receive notification via text, email, or robocall. This notification eliminates idle waiting time and/or wasted trips to retrieve mail that has yet to be delivered. Any user simply opts in by completing an online form, agreeing to pay a nominal fee per month. There is no additional obligation.”

Progession of Postal Notice